About HTO

About Us

We are a social enterprise based in Thailand committed to uplifting and further developing hill tribe communities and families in Thailand by providing beyond organic eggs full of the highest nutritional benefits to environmentally and socially conscious consumers as well as customers who strive to live a wellness-oriented lifestyle by indulging in a partially or fully organic lifestyle.


Our organic philosophy is to leave no harmful trace behind and to work
in harmony with the environment in order to provide nutrition the way nature intended.

Akha Boy

Our Interests

Hilltribe Organics interests and cared for causes are not limited to those in Thailand. Although majority of our positive impact is made in Thailand we understand, as a collective group, that the organic movement is world wide. We strive to not only better ourselves but also to work with other social enterprises aimed at helping others in need while improving health conscious consumers healthy lifestyle. We also follow the Non-GMO movement in the United States as well as other countries who are battling to inform consumers of the chemicals and hormones in their foods.



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