Beyond Organic Eggs

Pasture-based, Organic Eggs: The Hilltribe Organics Difference

There are “free-range” and “organic” eggs – but rarely both. Free-range eggs are eggs laid by hens that have open access to the outdoors but could be given hormones and fed additives. Organic eggs are eggs laid by hens that were raised from birth without hormones and are fed organic feed but still live in very confined spaces.

The hill tribe areas of Thailand contain some of the purest arable soil in the world, free from chemicals and pollutants, providing fertile ground for our biodynamic operations.

Hilltribe Organic chickens are pasture-based, 100% organic- fed, and hormone free, allowing them a completely natural diet and the space to roam freely in the fresh air. This means that our eggs meet and exceed the highest regulations for both Free-range and Organic.


Our organic eggs contain no hormones, no pesticides, no synthetics, chemicals or antibiotics.

Organic eggs are higher in Omega Fatty Acids, Beta-carotene and Vitamin A&E, and lower in cholesterol and saturated fats.

They are described as more golden with creamier textures and richer flavors.

In the end, the greatest benefits are taste and nutrition. 

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