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Hilltribe Organics is committed to providing safe, responsibly farmed, and truly organic food to its consumers
May 10, 2016

Khun Ploenpote Atthakor’s recent editorial in the Bangkok Post brings to light a deep-seated problem faced by Thailand’s organic sector. Although organic eggs were not the focus of her article, food safety is indeed a nationwide concern, and is an issue we take very seriously. Transparency and trust are at the forefront of what we do at HTO, and making sure the organic food that we make, eat, and provide to others is safe is a driving force of our efforts. Our social enterprise values honesty and care.

Recently, HTO underwent a stringent organic certification process with ACT, an independent Thai certifier accredited by the international IFOAM network. This certification led us to become the first organic chicken egg farm in the country, and the first to ever receive the certification from ACT. From the chicken feed we produce ourselves to the earth on which our HTO chickens roam, our entire production line is honest, organic, and free of chemicals.

At HTO, we believe that the trust of the consumer is earned through transparency. That is why we launched our “Know Your Food – Know Your Farmer” initiative. “Know Your Food – Know Your Farmer” enables you to directly link the egg from your pack to the farm in the hills above Chiang Rai at which it was laid. This tool also allows the consumer to determine the individual farmer, and learn about the family he or she is helping through the purchase of HTO eggs. You can find this at:

And, of course, in keeping with our HTO tradition – we always welcome those interested to take a look at our farms on the Hilltribe Organics Youtube channel, or even to visit our farms in person to truly witness the care and effort that goes into raising our chickens to provide healthier, tastier, and organic eggs.