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Hilltribe Organic Eggs (kai jiew)


Thai Omelets are a little like a flat, solid, golden-brown pancake made of egg and other ingredients, rather than the light, fluffy, thin, and barely cooked versions included in western cuisines. Kai Jeow Moo Sap is a type of Thai Omelet where ground pork and other seasonings are cooked inside the whipped egg. This allows the juices and fats from the meat to mix with the raw egg while cooking, creating a juicy and very delicious egg dish that is usually eaten as a side dish with other foods for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In this recipe Worawut uses the traditional cooking method, where a large wok and a generous portion of vegetable oil is used to fry the egg. Many westerners think the Thai Omelet is too oily, so if you are trying to limit your fat intake, this recipe is probably not for you.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp fish sauce or soy sauce


  1. Beat eggs and fish sauce or soy sauce well with a fork.
  2. Method 1: Heat half an inch of oil in a round-bottomed wok, a small pot or sauté pan. When oil is very hot, pour the beaten eggs in all at once. Let cook until the underside of the egg is browned; flip the egg and let the other side cook for a few more seconds just to set.
  3. Method 2: In a wok or a small sauté pan, add enough oil to coat the bottom and heat over medium high heat until hot. Pour in the eggs, and keep pushing the edges of the egg inward to allow the raw egg to come into contact with the pan. When the egg is set enough to flip, flip the omelette and cook the other side for a few more seconds just to set.
  4. Serve with jasmine rice and Thai Sriracha hot sauce.



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